Google’s Deep Mind – What it is about?

” Deep Mind’s creators SAY ( another word for CLAIM ) that the algorithm can learn ‘many more things’ without alteration or guidance ” – 2:55

” Deep Mind CLAIMS ( now it’s the right word ) that their system is not pre-programmed and it learns from ‘experience’ using only raw pixels as data input ” 13:44

And there are many more very ambiguous words and statements used in the marketing of Deep Mind so I am still very very skeptical and believe that all the fuss is more wishful thinking than fact.

Even though I do not know almost anything about A.I. I believe that one of the humans greatest characteristic is LANGUAGE, that is, we are communicating using few words and ASSUMING countless other words dependent on the context and then again, there are countless of contexts that we as humans can grasp effortlessly at a given moment. And there many other characteristics that make the human mind so amazing and impossible to grasp its workings.

I am waiting and searching for an honest and down to earth review ( like honest movie trailers 🙂 ) of Deep Mind.

Not to forget, hats off to writers of Deep Mind’s algorithm which seems really awesome.

What do you guys think about Deep Mind or A.I. in general? What can it achieve and what not?

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