Name One Great Scientist?

99.9% of world’s population would name Einstein if asked to name a famous scientist yet they would not be able to point out any benefit Einstein brought to humanity.

On the other hand…

It is immensely strange that the same percentage of the world’s population wouldn’t name Tesla if asked the same question and would not really know anything about James Clerk Maxwell or Oliver Heaviside or Charles Proteus Steinmetz and others, even though you can directly see and point out benefits these individuals brought to humanity virtually anywhere you look.

Let’s Make The Code World A Better Place – #1

It’s not enough to write the code well. The code has to be kept clean over time. We’ve all seen code rot and degrade as time passes. So we must take an active role in preventing this degradation.
The Boy Scouts of America have a simple rule that we can apply to our profession. “Leave the campground cleaner than you found it”.
If we all checked-in our code a little cleaner than when we checked it out, the code simply could not rot. The cleanup doesn’t have to be something big. Change one variable name for the better, break up one function that’s a little too large, eliminate one small bit of
duplication, clean up one composite if statement.

Clean Code

Zimbabwe phases out local currency at 35 quadrillion to US$1


Fiat money is doomed to fail but I have to admit, the US dollar has had a very long run using force (military and oil control).

Nonetheless, the dollar will fail the in much the same way as this, seemingly funny (actually very sad), story with the Zimbabwean currency.

It will fail and it will be ugly to watch.